Recent Stories

George Solomon on Ben Bradlee
  • George Solomon remembers his former boss and friend Ben Bradlee – a giant in journalism.

Jimmy Reed’s Final Journal
  • Former Merrill College student Jimmy Reed wrote about his season in the St. Louis minor league baseball system for the Povich Center. This is his last journal of the year.

Coverage of Northwestern Unionization Attempt
  • A study for the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism examined media coverage of Northwestern players’ attempt to unionize, with a specific focus on how both the unionizing players and college sports establishment were framed.

Big Ten charges into digital TV with BTN2GO
  • The University of Maryland’s transition to the Big Ten has brought plenty of new things to College Park: a new athletic conference and a rapidly digitizing conference-themed television network.

2014 World Cup Coverage: An Analysis
  • Twenty years after the World Cup came to the United States, soccer seems to have established, for now, a media beachhead in mainstream American sports culture. Alex Holt examines the coverage of this year’s World Cup.

More From Our Students

The New N Word
  • Rae Williams knows what it’s like to have a racial slur said to her face. She writes about how her experience relates to the Washington NFL football team name debate.

Getting Your First Job in Journalism
  • Merrill College alums share the keys to success in attaining your first job out of college.

Sasho Cirovski Continues to Look Towards the Future
  • Sasho Cirovski has seen tremendous transformation during his 22-year tenure as head soccer coach at the University of Maryland, but he continues to look towards the future to create the best possible product for the game of soccer and for his Terrapin squad.

Book Review: The Boys in the Boat
  • We know from the beginning of the book that the University of Washington men’s crew team went on to win gold at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. The trick is to get readers to care about the story anyhow — and Brown absolutely scores, writes Merrill College graduate student Alex Holt.

Crazy for “Football”
  • Merrill College senior Oliver Macklin studied abroad in London last semester and enjoying learning about the sport of football from British newspapers

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